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the reason for being_

A program that fosters entrepreneurship and social innovation and makes it <b>circular in essence _</b>

Catalyzing the transition to a model that redefines economic growth with an emphasis on creating economic, natural and social capital in a sustainable way for people and the planet.

our proposal
of value _


3 months of work and intensive support to boost your impact startups through the development of skills, connections and confidencenecessary to go to market.

Integrating the circular economy in your business model and the SDG in your value proposal.


A program in which we want you to participate and get involved, thus promoting the circular economy and the impact intrapreneurship in your core business _

An open innovation opportunity for resolve straight own (or sector) and piloting solutions nimbly

Circular Economy _


(potentially the biggest revolution in the world economy in the last 250 years).

Production and consumption model based on 3 principles:

  1. Elimination of the concept waste from design
  2. (Re)Efficient use of resources and energy
  3. Regeneration of systemsnaturals

It is a radical departure from the old linear model based on “take – use – throw away”, thus decoupling growth from the use of natural resources and environmental impact.

tangram _


(Chinese: 七巧板; “seven cunning boards”, referring to the qualities the game requires)..

Very old Chinese game made up of 7 dice pieces. (limited resources) with which virtually any silhouette can be formed, you just have to let your imagination run wild.

Pieces cannot overlap and none can be left over. (there is no concept of “waste”).

Its practice improves attention, memory, and creativity.

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