Consulting and Projects that drive the transition to a sustainable economy

At Impact Hub we work to drive the transition to a more sustainable economy for companies, people and the planet. We do this through the co-creation of solutions for large companies and SMEs, as well as through the design and implementation of programs to support entrepreneurship that lead to tangible results in the short term and generate a real transformation in the medium term.

We focus on 3 key impact areas where we have strong local and global expertise:

Circular Economy

  • We bring the Circular Economy to all dimensions of your organization to be able to introduce its principles in both day-to-day operations and long-term strategy.
  • We analyze and evaluate your business model and value chain to identify opportunities where the transition to circular models will generate more benefits for your company, your customers and your community of partners and collaborators.
  • We accompany you in the implementation and start-up of initiatives that drive the transformation of your organization towards Sustainability and Circularity.
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Promoting Entrepreneurship

    • We promote entrepreneurship through incubation and acceleration programs for impact startups in collaboration with large organizations and the city’s impact ecosystem.
    • We create participatory experiences to involve citizens in the resolution of global challenges (SDGs) through the generation of solutions and localized action.
    • We encourage intrapreneurship in your company through open innovation processes and initiatives for the development of skills and ideas with positive impact.
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Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • We work with small and medium-sized companies in their reactivation and transition to sustainability with the aim of empowering local commerce and energizing our neighborhoods.
  • We promote responsible consumption and lifestyle among citizens through the creation of citizen participation projects and the democratization of knowledge.
  • We generate and energize communities to move towards a greater impact driven by employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators, motivated by the desire to contribute to a common challenge and a purpose they are passionate about.
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Our projects


Impact Hub Barcelona’s Incubation Program

Tangram promotes social entrepreneurship and makes it circular in essence, catalyzing the transition towards the Circular Economy, an economy based on waste-free design, the (re)efficient use of resources and the regeneration of natural systems. We are looking for impactful startups in the “post-ideation” phase that want to prepare for their market launch, integrating the circular economy into their business models. We are looking for companies that want to boost entrepreneurship and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, being part of the ecosystem promoting the transformation towards a more sustainable economy.

Global Goals Jam

A design and collective intelligence initiative

Become the Challenge Owner of the #GlobalGoalsJam, the global initiative to co-create ideas to respond to challenges led by organizations and linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During an intense weekend, multiple teams work prototyping solutions around the SDGs. Impact Hub Barcelona (promoters of the initiative in the city) together with the Challenge Owner of each edition (company supporting and promoting the initiative), seek proposals aimed at specific and achievable short-term objectives that, in turn, support long-term goals.

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Impact Hub Barcelona’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program

An introduction to entrepreneurship for people who, although they are working for your company on a temporary basis, want to start their own traditional business (for example, in the HORECA sector and stores associated with the world of food and basic consumer products). With this program, we motivate and provide confidence to the participants, putting at their disposal tools and connections that allow them to move towards theopening of their own business. It is a program that functions as a professional springboard, through access to the skills, knowledge and resources necessary for entrepreneurship.

Communities with Purpose

A dynamic and purposeful community

Through the Communities with Purpose program, we accompany you in the creation and dynamization of your community and guide you on how to orient it towards the purpose of your organization to multiply your impact and generate business. Customers, employees, partners, suppliers, collaborators…. Organizations manage multiple stakeholders every day. Doing it in an organized and dynamic way allows us to create living, hybrid and sustainable communities. Start feeling the power of collaboration!

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Act Sustainable

Your route to sustainability

Sustainability is today the only possible way to face the long-term future. Beyond good practices, integrating sustainability into the business allows aligning the business strategy with the 2030 Agenda, adapting to climate urgency and serving a new consumer more interested in the social and environmental performance of organizations. At Impact Hub we accompany you in the transition process, helping you to evaluate, measure and create your 360 degree Sustainability Strategy. It’s time to act. ACT Sustainable

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