Are you looking for a community to promote your project in the education sector?

Come to Educo – Impact Hub space in Barcelona

    Meet the new coworking space
    coworking space for the education sector

    Join a living community, a meeting point for initiatives aimed at meeting the challenges of education.

    Focused on boosting educational equity and innovation

    Educo is a global cooperation and humanitarian action NGO that works in 14 countries in favor of children and their rights, especially the right to receive a quality education.

    Join a global community with local impact

    Impact Hub has more than 17,000 professionals in 60 countries connected to the impact ecosystem to boost your project through coworking spaces, programs and events.



    A fixed workspace with all the amenities to work, and the facilities to connect and grow your business, perfect if you are a freelancer or if you are a team.

    Including meeting room voucher: 7h/month. Hours Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00.
    280€/month (+IVA).


    La flexibilidad y servicios que necesitas para desarrollar tu proyecto

    Descubre las diferentes modalidades

    FLEX Full day

    Full day in an inspiring space, never miss a thing! Work in our flexible area.
    Including meeting room voucher: 5h per months.

    Lun-Vie 9:00h a 18:00h

    195€/month (+IVA)

    FLEX Morning

    Are you an early riser? Come to concentrate and get inspired in our flexible area every morning..
    Including meeting room voucher: 4h per month.

    Lun-Vie 9:00h a 14:00h

    120€/month (+IVA)

    FLEX Afternoon

    For sunset lovers! Come and work in our flexible area every afternoon.
    Including meeting room voucher: 4 hours per month.

    Lun-Vie 13:00 a 18:00h

    100€/month (+IVA)

    FLEX Breathe

    The hybrid option! Combine Work From Home and work in our flexible area 3 days a week.
    Including meeting room voucher: 4 hours per month.

    3 days/week Mon-Fri
    9:00h a 18:00h

    130€/month (+IVA)


    If you want to connect and boost your business, and you may also find it useful to domicile your company/project, come to work sporadically and use the meeting rooms to attend your clients or collaborators, this is your option.

    Work in our flexible area 5 days/month.
    Including meeting room voucher: 5h/month.
    Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30h to 20:00h.
    60€/month (+IVA)

    10 DAY BONUS

    A 10-day pass that gives you access to the common areas of our coworking space for ten working days during 3 months.

    Access from Monday to Friday
    08:30 - 20:00h
    Valid for 3 months
    130 € (+IVA)


    If you only need to use the coworking space for one day, you can purchase our voucher.

    Access from Monday to Friday:
    08:30 – 20:00h
    18 € (+IVA)

    Discover our spaces for Meetings & Events

    We offer 7 rooms for events and meetings with a capacity of 10 to 50 people.

    We also have a large terrace for outdoor events.

    Download the dossier
    Tarifa Move

    If you are a member of Impact Hub, move without worries.

    Work in Barcelona, Madrid or Malaga when you need it.

    For only 39€ more per month, access all the days you need to any coworking of the 3 cities.

    Pide información

    Do you have any doubts?

    Schedule an online meeting now and we’ll talk.


    Access to common areas and kitchen – office with terrace

    Reception of clients and/or visitors from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

    Weekly programming for members and access to events and trainings at Impact Hub spaces in Madrid and Barcelona. Make yourself visible and share your activity!

    Meeting rooms for up to 10 people included with your membership

    Special rates for event and meeting rooms


    High speed Wifi

    Corporate/tax domicile

    Security and daily cleaning

    Mail and package reception

    Where we are

    Carrer de Guillem Tell, 47
    08006 Barcelona

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can I hire a coworking space?

      You can hire any coworking rate at Impact Hub by filling out the information form on this page, and we will contact you to make the arrangements. You can also call us at +34 628 69 65 84 or by writing an email to, and our team will contact you.

      What are the coworking hours?

      The space is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, except in August, when it is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

      How are meeting rooms reserved?

      Very easy. Rooms are booked through the Impact Hub app or on the space’s intranet.

      Do I have to pay a deposit?

      For permanent positions, a deposit of one monthly payment is required, which Educo – Impact Hub will retain in case of non-compliance with the minimum permanence (3 months).

      Can I organize face-to-face, online or hybrid events?

      Of course you can. Contact us by filling out the form here, and we will contact you to make the arrangements. If you join Educo – Impact Hub, you will enjoy special discounts.

      How can I perform networking actions?

      You can communicate and connect with other members through the message board on the intranet. There are also published all the activities that you can sign up for and that take place in the Educo – Impact Hub space, as well as in other Impact Hub spaces in Barcelona and Madrid.

      Is it possible to work in other Impact Hub spaces?

      Yes, you can work up to 3 days free of charge in other Impact Hub Barcelona spaces, as well as in Impact Hub Madrid and Impact Hub Malaga.

      Get to know us